You Proved You Can Recognize When You Need Help

Even with some of the simplest problems, it can be hard to admit we need help. Addiction and addiction recovery can make it even worse, since admitting to a substance abuse problem comes with a lot of baggage. There’s the fear of getting in legal trouble, of lasting physical and mental consequences, of damaging relationships with loved ones, and much more. Not only that, but there’s the hold the substance itself has on you that you need to break before you can even recognize the problem. But, it’s these perceived risks that make admitting you need drug addiction help such an act of courage. Being able to face up to your own failings, your own vices, and their potential consequences is something few people ever have to do on such a scale. If you’ve been entered into a recovery program through an intervention, your ability to admit those who got you help were right shows a humility few people possess.


You Proved You Can Work with Others

In admitting that those who have been so worried about you were right to get you help, you’re also demonstrating another vital quality: the ability to listen. Throughout your addiction recovery process, you’ll be taught to repair and strengthen bonds with other recovering addicts, and how to take those skills to your family, friends and loved ones. Being able to work with others through such a difficult process gives you an insight into both yourself and others that’s rare, and proving that you’re able to work through such a challenge also proves your value to others.


You Proved That You’re Strong

Regardless of who you go through your recovery program with, or what it’s for, your own personal strength and endurance is the biggest factor. Addiction to any substance takes an immense toll on your body, mind, and soul.
Being able to pull through the other side, and pull yourself back together with everything you’ve learned, shows an inner strength that gives you a solid foundation for your future. Being able to admit you have a problem, being willing to face it, being willing to work with others to do it are all a testament to this strength.


You Proved Your Faith

Most importantly, completing a Christian recovery program proves your faith. Drug and alcohol abuse don’t just isolate you from other people – they isolate you from God. Reconnecting with your belief, or finding it for the first time in your life, shows and openness and an insight that means you can not only save yourself, but potentially others, too.