People in the United States drink more than they did a decade ago. Drinking rates are increasing for all groups of people. Many people who drink, even casual drinkers, wonder if their drinking is normal or if they could be an alcoholic. Alcoholism comes in many forms and doesn’t look the same for each person. So when does a few drinks at a social gathering turn into alcohol abuse? How can you tell if your drinking is normal or you have a problem like alcoholism or alcohol addiction?

Alcohol consumption usually falls into one of three categories: casual or normal drinking, alcohol abuse, or alcoholism. Let’s start with casual drinking. People who drink casually only drink occasionally, do not feel the need to drink in order to have a good time, don’t get in trouble because of their alcohol use, and do not spend time thinking about alcohol. Alcohol abuse is when someone is using alcohol in a way that negatively affects their life, but they aren’t physically addicted.

Alcoholics are those who are experiencing problems in their life because of their alcohol use and are physically and mentally addicted to the substance. They go through physical withdrawals if they go without drinking for a period of time.

There is a fine line between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. At our Milwaukee alcohol treatment centers, we successfully treat people who are abusing alcohol as well as people who are physically addicted to alcohol. Alcohol abuse can turn into alcoholism over time, especially if it isn’t addressed. If you can go for long periods of time without drinking, but drinking is still causing problems in your life, you may not be an alcoholic. If you think your drinking is out of control, it’s important to seek help before it gets worse.

Binge drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism all cause negative consequences that can seriously disrupt your life. It is important to seek help. Our Milwaukee alcohol treatment centers address addiction and alcoholism and offers Christ centered solutions for life controlling issues. Seek help for your drinking today by calling our Milwaukee alcohol rehab programs at 414-748-HELP (4357).