Five Tips For Milwaukee Thrift Store Shopping 

Whether you are looking to furnish a home or update your closet on a budget, thrift stores and resale stores are a wonderful alternative to traditional big box retail stores. Not only are you saving a ton of money, you are reusing items and helping create less waste in the long run. In addition, when you shop at our Milwaukee thrift stores, all proceeds go towards benefitting Adult & Teen Challenge of Wisconsin. When you shop or donate to a thrift shop everyone wins!

Thrift store shopping can sometimes seem overwhelming. There are a lot of items and it can seem like work to sort through everything. If you know how to shop and where to look, thrift stores are full of treasures and great stuff. Here are five tips to help you score some great finds on your next trip to a thrift store.

1. Come Often 

Thrift stores are different from retail stores in that they don’t put in regular orders of items and they don’t carry regular merchandise. Thrift stores put out the items that come in for donation, meaning that the inventory is constantly changing. A good rule of thumb is to visit a thrift store about twice a week. This ensures you are catching items as they come out. At our Milwaukee resale stores, we are constantly putting out new merchandise.

2. Watch For Deals and Specials 

Thrift stores will often have deals and sales running as they try to clear out their inventory to make room for new items coming in. It is a good practice to learn what the deals and sales are, so that you can plan your shopping around them. At our Milwaukee Thrift Stores, Super Thrift has frequent sales and discounts – stay updated by liking or following the Facebook page!

3. Shop Seasonally 

When you shop normal retail at the end of a season, you can get great deals and specials on both small and big-ticket items alike. The same rule applies for thrift stores. Look for items at the end of a season, when things are donated or there is a heavily discounted price.

4. Find out when they restock 

Similar to the tip of visiting frequently, is finding out when the thrift store restocks. Finding out when a store restocks helps you avoid shopping when the inventory is already picked over. At our Milwaukee second hand stores, we are constantly putting new items out every day.

5. Watch for new items 

You can get new items at thrift stores often. Sometimes stores will have sections of new items. Sometimes you will have to do a little digging. At Super Thrift, make sure to check out the front section of the store, where you will find higher end items, vintage items, and even some brand new items!

If you are looking for the best thrift store in Milwaukee, look no further than SuperThrift. Our resale store offers something for everyone and has many items including discount furniture, gently used clothing, electronics, and much more.