Hi, my name is Brandon I am 24 years old. I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin with my two brothers and two sisters. As a child I excelled in both football and wrestling. What people didn’t know is that I started drinking at age 14 and smoking marijuana. As I got older those drugs became a gateway into a lifestyle of harder drugs. Towards the end of my senior year in high school I was using painkillers; I never really knew what addiction was at that time.

Right after I graduated high school I ended up getting a call saying that my dad had committed suicide. Even though we were not very close, it still hit me hard. That’s when I started IV heroin use. For the next three years, my life was a blur of overdosing and going to jail. I didn’t think I could ever live any other way.

My whole life changed one day when I discovered I had a warrant out for my arrest for the manufacture and delivery of heroin. On December 17th, 2015 my mother’s house was raided by local police and I was arrested. I was now facing a felony conviction and multiple years in prison.I ended up sitting 8 months in jail waiting to be sentenced. My cellmate encouraged me to read Romans chapter 7. I could apply Paul’s teaching to my own struggle with sin.

When I stood before the judge, I was granted a five minute recess to call Teen Challenge at 414/748-HELP. I am grateful to God they answered the phone. The judge agreed to sentence me to Teen Challenge. I graduated the program last year in August. ’m also currently enrolled in ministry school studying to get my credentials to be a pastor for the Assemblies of God. The Lord has called me to serve Him.

After graduating the one year Teen Challenge program I started a nine month internship. On July 1st I completed the internship and started as an entry level staff member serving in the area of intake. As an Intake Staff Member I help many individuals each week enter the program.

Many individuals we take in find out about our program when people reach out to them and let them know about our agency. Thank you for supporting Adult and Teen Challenge Wisconsin. Pictured beloware our June graduates. Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker was our special guest at a graduation lunch on June 29th. We congratulate all of our students who completed in June!