Remain Honest With Your Teen

Honesty is always the best method for creating an environment of trust between you and your teen. If your teen does not trust that you are being honest with them they will disregard and advice you provide to them.


Show Your Support

Let your child know that when you are working with them to conquer their addiction that if you are being hard on them it comes from a place of love and support. Ensure that they understand that their addiction recovery is the most important part of the process. Explain that you know that it will be a difficult process and there will be bumps in the road but you will be there for support on their road to recovery.


Communicate Regularly

Addiction recovery does not occur from a single conversation. The road to a healthy lifestyle is a constant process that will require that you remain involved and communicate regularly with your teen. While you do not have to sit down and have long sessions where you discuss every aspect of addiction recovery, making sure that you remain involved and open to communication with your teenager is key to recovery.


Remain Steady

Teenagers are experiencing the biggest change in their lives in regards to brain chemistry and lifestyle changes. You have to be the steady resource that does not change. Once you have set boundaries with your teen, remain steadfast and stick to them. Try to not allow your mood to impact the communication between you and your teen.