Many people struggle with both substance abuse problems and mental illness. Studies show that compared to the general population, people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are twice as likely to experience mental health problems. People who struggle with mental health problems are twice as likely to have problems with substance abuse

It is hard to say which one comes first and there are many ways that researchers have tried to understand this question. Sometimes mental disorders can cause people to seek temporary relief from their symptoms though the use of drugs and alcohol. It is important to remember that the relief found from drugs and alcohol is only temporary and often leads to other problems, such as addiction, loss of job or career problems, relationship problems, and many more. 

Sometimes drug use can lead to mental health problems. It can be the drugs themselves that trigger psychosis or anxiety or depression or anxiety can worsen while sobering up. Drugs and alcohol cause chemical changes in the brain, which can mimic or trigger certain mental disorders. Many people find that these mental changes go away after a long period of sobriety. If you have mental illness, alcoholism or drug addiction, it is good to understand that treating either of these problems helps reduce the chances of developing the other problem. 

Our addiction treatment programs in Milwaukee address substance use and other life controlling addictions. We have seen over and over that addressing substance abuse holistically and having a right relationship with God is the key to lasting sobriety. People who attend our drug and alcohol rehab programs go on to live their lives drug and alcohol free, because they are able address the problems at their source. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use issues, we hope you consider Adult & Teen Challenge Wisconsin to begin your journey to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Please visit our website or call 414-748-4357 to learn more about our residential recovery programs.