I called my mom who lived in Chicago at the time for her help and she flew me out from Phoenix, Arizona to be with her. Thinking I would get my life back on track, things got worse. I started shooting  heroin.

In 2011 right before coming to Milwaukee Teen Challenge, I overdosed six times, had multiple hospital visits and was paralyzed from the waist down.

After multiple conversations with my mom and pastor, I finally told them I would come to Teen Challenge, but I was only going to give it three days. I came   in on a Monday and upon my third day (the day I was going to leave) I heard a sermon when we attended church and gave my life to Christ. 

Things progressed for me in the program and I ended up being there for about   eight months. My old ways of life started affecting my time in the program as I was constantly in trouble and being rebellious.

I eventually left the program early before graduation because I started a relationship with a man which was a huge mistake. We moved in together, were engaged and both began using again. The relationship turned for the worse as he began to physically abuse me. I never felt as far away from God as I did then.  I felt like a slave and prisoner to my fiancé. One night while he was at work, I made an escape and never looked back.

After detoxing a few days, my mother helped me get away from the Chicago area by sending me to the Teen Challenge    located in Long Island, NY. God has completely blessed my life in my time here and I want nothing to do with my past. I do not want anything to disrupt the plans that God has for me. I lived a life of disobedience and it was a destructive lifestyle. God is opening new doors for me I never even thought about before. The misery I went through is now my ministry to other ladies. 

I am looking forward to the opportunity God has provided me with at the Brooklyn School of Ministry.  I hope to minister and evangelize to others.  I want to help women that were abused and struggle with addiction. I want to impact those who went through a time of darkness and despair like I did. The power of God is amazing and I want to tell them how their lives can be changed through His forgiveness and how family relationships can be restored.

God is rebuilding my relationship with my dad, whom has never been around, after a heart to heart conversation we had one night while I was in Long Island, New York. My focus is on my heavenly Father as He will  never leave me! “My earthly father will never be sufficient for me, but you Lord will be”. God is opening doors for me to minister to my dad and he is listening.