When I was ten my mother and step father divorced and my life suddenly changed. My mom was raising five children by herself and started to drink. 

At 11 years old I quit going to church, was helping out around the house more. By 12, I washed dishes on weekends at the restaurant where my mom worked. 

By 13 I was experimenting with cigarettes then I tried alcohol and pot. Our family was growing further apart I felt more alone. I started asking God why?  Why did this happen to my family? I never understood and became resentful and angry and more involved with drugs and alcohol.

At 15 I found crack cocaine. Immediately, I knew that was the drug for me. By 16, I was living with a friend trading sex for drugs. My mom came and got me and sent me to a rehab in Paducah, Kentucky.

I got out in 30 days and went right back to smoking crack. Within 6 months I was back in rehab with a habit so bad I was stealing my family’s cars and money. I began driving cars while the guys I was hanging with burglarized homes.

At 24 I was introduced to methamphetamines. To support my habit, I worked and sold drugs. When I lost my job and got evicted I moved in with my boyfriend. We learned how to make dope and began selling and using.

Once I left my kids in the car with a friend while I went into the courthouse. When I came out she was gone. My children had been turned in to the police. During the next four months instead of doing what I could to get my kids back, I kept getting high and felt sorry for myself.