Teen Challenge Centers worldwide mourned the loss of Dennis Griffith, Executive Director of Southern California, White House Advisor

Dennis Griffith grew up thinking that he did not have a particularly bad childhood, but looking back at it now, he realizes that he did. There were times when his family went without food and there was a time that they lived out of their car.

He was introduced to marijuana at the young age of thirteen, which began some heavy years of drug experimentation. He experimented with everything but heroin even though his friends had begun to use it.

Peer pressure eventually ran it’s course and Dennis starting injecting heroin too. He had a wife and a baby daughter at the time but heroin took priority over them

As Dennis descended deeper into his addiction, he lost his friends, his health, his dignity and his family. He was on probation, could not stop getting high, and his wife was moving out when the courts gave him a choice: prison or Teen Challenge.

Dennis phoned the number to Teen Challenge and the person who answered the phone told him that he too used to be a heroin addict and God had changed his life. Even though Dennis’ world was caving in around him, this gave him a “spark of hope”.

In his first few days at Teen Challenge Dennis saw the Word of God become alive and active and he felt God map out a path for him. He graduated Teen Challenge of Southern California and became entry level staff, working his way to become Executive Director of Southern California.

He received a call one day from a White House Staff Worker informing him of a new commission that the Bush Administration was forming to advise the president on drugs. They wanted Dennis to apply. He was accepted and became an advisor to the president.

Dennis Griffith was a great friend of Wisconsin Teen Challenge. For many years he helped us with a variety of projects and events.

Dennis has since gone to be with the Lord, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family as we say farewell to a very special friend.