I knew I needed to provide a good covering for my daughter. I started to attend a church where I felt I was getting spiritually fed but something was still missing.

I wanted a relationship with my Father in Heaven. I was getting discouraged because I was feeling nothing.

I soon stopped going to church, got married and shortly after had my youngest daughter Brooklyn. Life seemed okay but I still felt like I was missing something.

After being introduced to narcotic pills for a second time  something was different this time.  It was like the enemy knew I had a void and that was his way in. 

For several years after I was being prescribed pills which soon was not enough.  My addiction led me to signing my rights of my oldest daughter over to her dad so I could get help. Becoming more anxious to hide my pain, I had no one to turn to that I trusted.

I did what I thought I could do best…more drugs. I eventually started to lie, manipulate, steal and destroy my life by allowing the enemy to have complete control.

The only thing I had going for me was Jesus and I accepted Him into my heart. I remember praying and wanting alone time with God. He heard my prayers and began to lay out the path to Him. 

I moved to North Carolina to live with my mom and get help in an outpatient program. I ended up in jail and surrendered to God. My mom talked to a man named Larry who had graduated from Milwaukee Teen Challenge and that began my journey to the Cross!

After attempting to get into the Teen Challenge in North Carolina, I was not accepted. With Larry and my mom’s help I was accepted into the Milwaukee Teen Challenge program. Within a few weeks I arrived with ambition and also fear.

I knew I was going to be away from my beautiful girls for a year and it would not be easy. I trusted God that if I stayed focused on Him, He would take care of everything around me (Proverbs 3:5-6). 

I have had such an amazing time getting to know my Creator through Jesus Christ. I have truly been blessed. My heart is for the lost, the hurting and the broken. I long to share God’s Word and show the love of Jesus to those that need it…All of God’s Children!

I am on my way to North Carolina Teen Challenge where I will be doing an intern program and begin a new chapter of my life in ministry serving Jesus! Remember God is faithful and He will never leave nor forsake us.