Growing up, I found it hard to make friends. It got to the point I didn’t even care to make friends anymore because I figured we were just going to move again.

I started smoking weed in 9th grade and that quickly became an everyday lifestyle. It led me to do any drug I could get my hands on. I moved out of my mom and stepfather’s house when I was 18.

When I was 19 I committed 6 burglaries to support my habit and luckily I got caught.

I was facing a lot of prison time.  This scared me so I decided to let go of my old friends, comply with the courts and get a job. The judge gave me grace and gave me $11,000 restitution and 3 years probation.

I stayed clean for about 9 months and then started drinking socially. This unfortunately led me to drink every day.  Alcohol also led me to seclusion. Often times, I drank alone.

I got an OWI when I was 20.  I violated my probation four times by drinking and got revoked. I ended up doing 7 months in Polk County which is where I got saved. When I got out, I thought I was strong enough to have a drink, but that quickly led to the same vomit I was in before I went to Jail.

I used to wake up miserable not wanting to get out of bed. I knew the day would be the same as always and yet I would roll over and grab the bottle right away. I didn’t have the will to live.

I prayed to God for a miracle and just 3 days after that prayer, He sent someone into my life who had graduated from Teen Challenge.

Now, I recently graduated Teen Challenge and I am no longer an alcoholic because I have been covered by the blood of the lamb.

I praise God that He set up a safe Faith based program where people can get clean from their old ways and learn how to deal with life’s problems the right way.