I moved home to a very disappointed family.  I was the smart one and I had failed myself and my family.

My alcoholism got much worse and by the time I was 21 I was going  to clubs five days a week and had many blackouts.  After leaving college, I maintained a job at a bank for 6 years but lost it due to my addiction.  I was able to quit drugs but not alcohol. 

I did most of my drinking with my mother and when their marriage fell apart, my stepfather blamed their divorce on me.  It was my fault he said because I drank with my mother.  My mother and I moved in  together and our drinking got worse.  My mother eventually got back together with my stepfather and I felt betrayed. 

My brother asked me to move to Tennessee with him and a new baby nephew,  It was great at first but we just drank together too.

I moved out on my own and fell into major depression and alcoholism.  I went thru three jobs that year because I couldn’t get out of bed after a binge.  My brother started going to church and accepted Christ as Savior.  He quickly stopped drinking and became a very godly example.