I was kicked out of private school in 7th grade, out of another private school in 8th grade, and out of Nathan Hale public school in 9th grade.

Eventually, I was sent to an alternative school called “Project Graduate”.  Sadly enough, I did not finish high school at “Project Graduate”.  I will hopefully obtain my GED soon.

A lot of my problems in school were caused by my drug use.  In 8th grade I started using pot with friends in my neighborhood.  In 9th grade I worked as a cook for a short time at a nursing home in West Allis.  During the time one of my older friends introduced me to oxycotin and eventually heroin. 

I used heroin and every other drug almost every day of my life until I came to Teen Challenge. 

At the age of 16 I entered treatment after a near fatal overdose.  Within a matter of weeks after treatment I was back on drugs.  During this time I had dropped out of school and was going from job to job mostly working as a cook.

After trying another five treatment programs and using methadone I went back to the Laurence Center wanting help.  At this time the staff at the Laurence Center told me that they could not help me and that I needed a program like Teen Challenge.

At this time my mom helped me enter Teen Challenge.  She had told me to come here for many, many years.

I entered Milwaukee Teen Challenge in March 2005 and graduated the 12 month program, and began an internship soon after.  Thank you for your support of Teen Challenge.  This Christ centered program has helped me to get free from Heroin for the first time in many years.