As much as my family tried to hold me down and keep me safe I always rebelled and I guess I never realized why I had to struggle so much.  Why was my life so rough? Why was my family broken?

In school I was always the outcast. At one point in time, I remember that I even had rocks thrown at me. I never felt accepted until I was 17 years old and I met some people who I thought were the world to me.

After I was surprisingly accepted into college, I had everything. I had a decent job so I could support myself. I had a great apartment, my family was happy for me and I finally felt like I was going to be all right, until I let my friends move in.

At this time I was drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. This is when my life started getting rough. Within a few months I lost it all: my apartment, my college career, and communication with my family.

I thought if I got away for a while I could come back and things would be better, so I moved back and forth between Oklahoma and Texas. It was there, in 2005, that I was first introduced to crack and meth. My boyfriend at the time also introduced me to the life of hustling with gangs: the Krups and the Bloods.

Eventually I ended up in jail, for what could have been a very long time; I could have been killed for the foolish thinks I did. But by God’s grace I was saved, I wasn’t killed or incarcerated.