Being a Christian was not easy for me. I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult. What was wrong with me? Was I evil? Why couldn’t I do it?

The Lord showed me that when I became a new creature, the old me died; I was a new creation – but sin didn’t die; it will bang at my door until Christ comes. To get through a lot of my pain, I began to drink.

At first it was fun; it felt free and helped me handle life. In reality it was me escaping life. The alcohol took over but for years I believed I could just quit.

Hopeless, depressed and not caring  if I lived or died I knew I needed help. My sister kept telling me about Teen Challenge. I had known about Teen Challenge, but could not see myself leaving my 15 year old daughter.

Finally, it was me losing my life or fighting for it back. I knew I needed God, but was emotionally and spiritually dead by this time. I went to Teen Challenge to take a tour and was walking down the stairway when the director told me, “Only the elite come here.”

That gave me hope – I was in. My God swooped me up from danger, death, and most importantly, eternal death. Three days after being here I knew what happened to me. Simply put… disobedience, complacency, and spiritual laziness.

One day, many years ago, I opened the door to sin and it rushed in like a flood. The devil almost completed what he set out to do – kill, steal, and destroy. But my God stepped in and said “NO!”

I’m so extremely grateful with a true repentant heart to my God who sent me here and gave me a safe haven. In this time, I’ve not only been delivered of alcohol and hopelessness, but God is filling the blank pages of the chapters of Kathy Whitt’s life. No more will I run, but to the rock of my salvation through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

Kathy graduated the full year program in January of 2008 and resides in Kenosha with her family. She is a gifted singer and is involved with her church worship team. Please pray for Kathy as she continues to move  forward with her life.