After he lost his son, Kerry started drinking again, but quickly realized he did not want to go down that path again.  He has been clean and sober ever since.  In the fall of 2009, Kerry went back to college a third time still not sure of his calling or career goal.  “I was torn between two loves, I loved biomedical electronics and learning about God’s Word.”    

Finally in January 2012, he made a decision to  seek a Bachelor of Arts in Theology at Grace Christian College here in Milwaukee.  Upon making the commitment to go to school, a wonderful      opportunity opened up.  

I was able to volunteer at my favorite recovery center, Teen Challenge.  Prior to Teen Challenge I went through 11 recovery programs.” Through God’s grace he was delivered from his addictions, is seeking a degree in Theology and hopes to be a director or part of a Teen Challenge Youth Center here in Milwaukee in the future.  Kerry believes our agency needs to start working more extensively on teenagers.

As an Education Coordinator, some of Kerry’s daily responsibilities include: mentoring students, teaching Group Studies and Chapel, working with students on their personal studies blueprint, taking students to Sunday ministries and helping with students’ needs.