I was in many fights during junior high.  In high school, I started doing LSD, Ecstasy and Cocaine.  It was very easy to get. They sold it in the lunchroom.

My violence escalated but because I was never beaten up I had a huge ego.  The females were afraid of me because I had the reputation of being an intimidator.  It’s funny because I only stand 4’11”.

At 17, I joined the Latin King street gang.  That’s when I started using guns.  I began hustling marijuana.  At 19, I had my gorgeous son Jakob Peter.  Still in my mess, I got married to my son’s dad, at 20.  Not even a year later we separated because I wouldn’t stop hustling drugs. 

I sold cocaine and marijuana to support my habit.  I would smoke all night and drink all day.  I eventually cooked up all my profit and ended up in debt to the Latin King Nation.  I got kicked out of my apartment, bounced around for a while and my parents got me another apartment.

One night when I was drunk and high, I pulled a strong-armed robbery, home invasion, burglary and got arrested. My parents bonded me out. I went on partying and got evicted from that apartment for the drama I caused.

I moved back in with my parents. My son and I stayed there and I started shooting heroin. I was 23 and taking my son with me on drug runs. My funds were depleted and I began stealing from my parents. When they found out they kicked me out and my son started staying with his dad.

Finally homeless, living out of my car, addicted to crack and heroin, I began hustling Lortabs and Xenix to support my addiction.  After overdosing three times in three months, I broke down to my parents. They told me about Teen Challenge.  I called and they had a bed available and got me in right away.

I came here expecting to get clean and have a place to chill for a year. I got so much more. I have an incredible relationship with the Lord and He has shown me so much.  His compassion, grace, and mercy are breathtaking. His forgiveness is overwhelming.

After all I’ve done, my parents still love me unconditionally and that’s how the Lord loves me too.  I’m His child and He will never leave or forsake me. I’m grateful for the Lord plucking me out of Satan’s kingdom and putting me in His.

Everyone that knows me is so proud of me and they can see the change the Lord has done.  The best part is He isn’t through!  He has so much in store for me. When I walked through the doors of Teen Challenge for the first time.

I was a street thug and a warrior for my block, now they call me the prayer warrior! I used to serve the Latin King Nation now I serve the Almighty King of all the Nations!  Thank you Teen Challenge and thanks be to God!