“I felt as though my life ended as well and for a week I was paralyzed,” said Brown. “Right after he was killed someone told me they knew what would make me feel better and gave me drugs. At that moment my life was changed.”

Brown’s family, friends, and work priorities fell by the wayside as her life spiraled further out of control.  “I tried to do treatment but I would always return to my former behavior. I tried to slow down, but nothing would change.”

Brown’s family decided to step in and get her some help. After church one day they sat down and told her about Teen Challenge.

Brown contacted the center in Montana and arrived a week later. After finishing the program, she returned to Milwaukee as a re-entry student.

“I have had the opportunity to develop a true relationship with my Heavenly Father, give him my whole heart and learn to trust His ways. I am alive and have hope all because of Gods mercy and grace. I just want to give back what was given to me.”

It is with your support that Teen Challenge is able to help women like Lesia, pictured above. Pictured are the Teen Challenge staff and students.