My family is one half Apache from Arizona and one half Winnebago Tribe from Wisconsin.  It was in a little town of Odenton that a spiritual seed was planted in my life.  Because I saw little of my father, it was through my mom that I got to know God but like all teens that want to fit in I saw all my faith in God go out the window.  Like my father I started drinking. I lost my job and fam-ily. I lost my vehicle and landed my fourth DWI in Mary-land. As a result I was put on probation again and spent many weekends in jail.

As time passed I completed both my jail time and pro-bation, but I still felt empty and lost. With the help of my neighbor I decided to get back into my relationship with God.  I ended up in Madison, Wisconsin with a new job, friends, relatives and a new environment. But I still felt empty and lost in my heart. It all showed up later with my drinking. Through Rex, a friend, and my pastor from church, I got into Teen Challenge.

Since all my doors were closing in on me and I had no where else to go, I decided I needed to change.  At Teen Challenge I got back into studying God’s Word and started over with my relationship with God. I started to grow spiritually.  After completing a twelve month Teen Challenge pro-gram, I decided to start a new life as a new creation in Jesus. Having a spiritual foundation to build on, my re-lationship with God became spiritually strong.  Through Teen Challenge I now know that as long as I work on my relationship with God and continue to follow His direction for my life, I will continue to grow spiritually.

There’s no drink or drug in all the world that can fill that emptiness inside your heart. Just let go and let God!