By the time I was 15, I was dating my boss and had a baby, started gambling, and dealing drugs. I was my best customer.

For her first 12 years, my daughter was raised by my parents in Memphis.

During this time I went into treatment, gave my life to God, and got baptized. I got into working and forgot about God and his blessings. 

Life came to a screeching halt in December 2002 when I got busted for selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop and was facing 15 years in prison and a $15,000 fine. 

Three others charged in this case went to prison.  In jail, I learned about Teen Challenge. Since then, I have learned how to live according to His Word, how to depend on the Lord for everything.

Today, I have been working at the “Robby Dawson” Home for Women for five years. I am grateful for how God has kept me close to him and free from addiction. I love praising God and working with the men and women of Teen Challenge in worship. Thank you for making a place like this available for people like me.

I came to Teen Challenge after 35 years of drug abuse, The Lord saved me from 15 years in prison and has delivered me from drugs and alcohol. He restored my family.

My daughter, Aisha, is 15 months away from getting her degree in nursing and my grandson Chavez (pictured working for the Lord at the 2009 Banquet) attends Parklawn Christian Leadership Academy here in Milwaukee.

“He called me from the far ends of the earth so that I may serve Him “Isaiah 41:9-10