One year after being born my mother married my stepfather, who at the time was a professing atheist.  A few years later my Dad asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save him, and then he went to Bible school and became a Pastor.

I was raised in a Christian home as a Pastor’s son, as I grew up and went to church faithfully. I was also president of the Youth group in our church. For six years I was a member of a Bible Memory club. I excelled in that and committed to memory of some 1500 Bible verses.

Despite my Christian upbringing and even being a Pastor’s son I was still missing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In my desire to experience fulfillment in my life – I turned to alcohol,
drugs, and immoral sexual relations.  For the first few years, I enjoyed these pleasures but before I knew what hit me, I was hooked. I have spent the last twenty-two years in bondage to cigarettes,
alcoholism, drugs, and pornography. They destroyed every area of my life.

In those twenty-two years I lost a lot of things: cars, motorcycles, trucks, my license, a scholarship to college, over forty jobs, a house, friends, relationships, a successful delivery business, and worst of all, I was lost.

My bondage has taken me many places: the East Coast, West Coast, Mexico, jail, five rehabilitation centers, and even the psychiatric ward. In many instances it has nearly taken my life and it almost cost me a wonderful wife and two beautiful children.  

On March 13, 1999, I finally said, “enough is enough”.  I went to a pastor friend’s house and there in his living room I got down on my knees and repented to Jesus of all my sins. I recognized that the bondages were sins against God.  I wept and cried out for God’s forgiveness, and he met me right there in the living room. I asked him to be the Lord of my life and to change me!   He has forgiven me and taken away all the guilt and shame I felt.  From that day to this, ever since I got up off my knees, l have not had any of the compulsions that have plagued me for the past twenty-two years.

The most noticeable change was the instant release from a three pack a day cigarette habit!  God has since lead me to Teen Challenge. When I arrived on March 15, 1999, he began to teach me his ways.  By reading his word and talking with him daily in prayer I was able get to know him more and more each day.  God is awesome and he gives great gifts. He restored my wife and two children back to me!  My life has fulfillment today, unlike anything I have ever known.  Jesus is the Answer!