By age 12, I was smoking cigarettes, drinking and smoking weed. With my dad owning a bar and our big family get-togethers,  it was easy access.

I really didn’t think I had a problem until I went to college. All I did was drink every day. I left college after a semester and moved to Florida with my sister LeAnn.

LeAnn took me to her church and I got saved. I was on fire for God for about three years. When I turned 21, I made the decision to step out of the shadow of the Almighty.

I left Florida and went back to the Reservation to bartend for my dad. Alcohol really took me for a ride then. I just didn’t care anymore. My dad was forced to fire me when I went missing on a week long binge. That still didn’t wake me up.

On the run again, I moved to Colorado with a friend. I was doing good until I went out for my birthday. That night, I was introduced to the father of my child and to cocaine. Soon after, I had my daughter Brianna and left her father because he was physically abusive.

I met another guy and started to get my life back together. Then, one day, my dad took my daughter to visit the rest of my family for two weeks. After two weeks passed, I called my dad and asked where my baby girl was.  He said, “You lost her. She is better off with me.” I started drinking again.

I met this guy at my work and he asked me to drive to Washington with him. They said he was driving 120 mph around a curve and he over corrected his turn. We ended up in a canyon outside of Oregon. They said we rolled 9 times. I didn’t have a seat belt on. I know God had me in His hands. I should have been dead.

I finally just got fed up with everything and asked God to help me. I called my sister in Wisconsin and asked if I could start my life over again. She said I could stay with her and that’s when she mentioned Teen Challenge. She told me it was a good program.

I have been here since July 22, 2009.  I have been sober for almost five months now.  It is all God and Teen Challenge.