She spent most of her time growing up in the streets, since her brothers were always drinking and selling drugs.  Patty began using cocaine with her brothers and things quickly got out of control.  She served time in jail, destroyed  relationships she had, and was losing everything that was precious to her.

With the lifestyle she was living, Social Services became involved and her children were not always in her care.  The only thing she cared about was her next fix.

In jail Patty picked up a Bible and started reading it.  She prayed wholeheartedly for help and

God heard her cry. Patty graduated in May after coming to the program two times.  The first time she left and got in a horrible car accident and almost died.  It is only by God’s amazing grace that she is here today.

Upon completion of the program, she was accepted for  re-entry.  She has been working a job outside of Teen Challenge and also gives back her time to the Women’s Center.