She hid her drug use pretty good in our younger years. When I was 12, we moved to Illinois to take care of my grandmother, who had cancer. She ended up passing away six months later.

My mom fell into a depression and her drinking and drug use increased. My brother began to sell drugs and my sister and I were greatly affected  by  this.

When I was 14 years old, I began to smoke some weed. I liked the high and even more the feeling of acceptance. My mom seemed to have increased her drug use and every night there were always people over, so I began to stay up later and later.

It affected school so much that I completely lost interest. At 15 I had to get my first job because the child support went mostly to supply of alcohol and drugs. I started seeing someone who was always in trouble and using methamphetamine. 

When I turned 16 I started using meth. I liked it, but heard it would destroy me like it did everyone around me. My boyfriend ended up getting sent to prison and I withdrew from everyone and turned to the comfort of alcohol. It consumed all my time.

I had no job and was kicked out of my mom’s house. I dropped out of school at 17 and got my GED. When my boyfriend got out of prison we stayed with a friend until we got on our feet. We got a nice trailer and I bought my first car. 

Within the first month, David and I went on a one-night binge breaking into people’s cars for money. We sat in the county jail for months. They gave me a plea bargain that consisted of me going to Gateway Rehabilitation and three years probation, restitution, and one year of Teen Challenge.