Born in Guatemala, Thomas was adopted at the age of 10 months old and brought to America. He grew up going to a Christian church and school. 

“My whole life I was taught the word, but I never really listened to it. One of my friends introduced me to marijuana. Immediately I liked it and began to hang with the wrong crowd”

Thomas’ behavior took a turn for the worse and he began to get in trouble at school. Pot led to alcohol, which really seemed to get a hold of Thomas.

“When I drank I always got into trouble and wasn’t concerned about family or friends. I only thought about myself”.

Despite his worsening struggle with alcohol, Thomas was accepted to attend the University of Minnesota. One month before he was to begin classes, he made some bad decisions while intoxicated and got into some legal trouble.

“My attorney realized that I attended church and a Christian school, so he suggested I go to Teen Challenge. I came in not knowing anything about the program or what to expect”.

Upon entering the program, Thomas began the process of submitting to God and learning new behavior patterns.

“Many times were difficult, but I knew it was better to continue than to give up. Teen Challenge has taught me to exercise self-control, to be humble, patient, and obedient. Most importantly, I have come to know God better.”

After graduation last week, Thomas returned home to live with his parents. He plans on going to college at Marquette or UW-Milwaukee and pursue a degree in nursing.

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