Tyrone Franklin was one of the first students to enter the Teen Challenge “Center of Hope” in July of 1994. Tyronne came to this new facility a broken man looking for help.

Tyrone worked as a staff member at Mid America Teen Challenge in Missouri and was a tremendous example of what the Lord can do in the life of a drug addict.
Tyronne was born and raised in Waukegan, Ulinois.  Most of his early years he lived with his grandmother who loved him and brought him to church frequently  Tyronne says she was an “Angel sent from Heaven.”

In high school he played soccer, football, basketball, and wrestling. It was not until his senior year that he started smoking pot. Never did he think what this would eventually lead to.  

In 1990, Tyrone starting selling crack cocaine. His cousin was a drug dealer and helped him get started.  Four years later he himself started using crack. Soon everything was a mess. During this trying time his wife left him.  

One day Tyrone called Teen Challenge. ”The day I called you I was sitting in an empty house crying. I had sold my microwave and furniture for drugs. I would eventually have to sell my home and my two rental properties. The only things I had left were my TV, and my bed, and a kitchen table with two chairs.”  

After completing Teen Challenge, Tyronne worked two separate jobs. “I was driving a truck one day and felt like the Lord spoke to me to go and offer myself for staffing at Mid America Teen Challenge.  This was hard for me because I really loved driving trucks.”

At the center Tyronne worked with the men in the learning center and on various work crews. He also traveled to churches and preached in chapel services During a park outreach he met a school teacher named Audrey. She is now his wife and they live together in Cape Girardeau and have two children.

We are proud of Tyronne, his family and the great miracle that has taken place in his life!