List Making and Setting Goals

One thing we see a lot is how substance and alcohol abuse often result in addicts leading directionless lives. Dependency and boredom are a toxic mix, and having nothing to do just makes the abuse worse. Making lists of things to do, setting realistic goals and having things to strive for is important to get back on track. This is also a great thing to do for those of us who aren’t struggling with addiction issues. The modern world isn’t just busy, it’s filled with a million distractions. It can be hard to lose track of what’s going on, and making specific to-do lists on a daily basis is a great way to refocus. You’ll find yourself being more productive at work, at home or in school if you set out clear, achievable goals for yourself daily.


Keep Fit

Another damaging aspect of addiction is what it can do to someone’s physical health. Physical fitness is a big part of our recovery programs, helping the body and mind to repair themselves after the ravages of substance abuse.
Taking this philosophy to the daily life of the average person isn’t a bad idea either. Our lives are becoming more sedentary, and health issues stemming from a lack of exercise are on the rise. A realistic exercise regime, coupled with some healthier eating habits is a great way to help you look and feel better day-to-day.


Get Out and Socialize

Substance abuse often leads to isolation, with many addicts eventually only interacting with those they use with or buy from. As a result, living with addiction is lonely, and part of recovery is learning to reconnect with others through group activity. Socializing is also an important, healthy part of regular life. Even if you consider yourself a bit of a loner, you should make time to socialize with others by joining hobby groups or church organizations. An active social life has been proven many times over to help alleviate things like anxiety and depression.


Remember Your Faith

Being focused on Christian recovery, we teach those letting go of their damaging habits to renew their dedication to their Lord. This isn’t just a way to find a center and a spiritual strength for those leaving behind an addiction to drugs and alcohol, it’s also a way to find fulfillment in average, daily life.