Refocus Your Mind

To break free from addiction, you have to retrain and refocus your mind to look to positive habits instead of negative habits. Replacing a negative habit with a positive and constructive one can have significant positive effects on how your mind processes situations. Constructive habits and outlets that are focused on better health and well-being train your mind to focus on getting better instead of everything that is going wrong.

Develop Beneficial Skills

At a Teen Challenge USA recovery program, we don’t only help you break free from drug and alcohol addiction. Many of our programs across the country also have programs in place to learn life and trade skills to ensure your life is on a better track when you complete the recovery program. Our students learn laundry and housekeeping skills as well as trades like carpentry and more. By replacing destructive drug and alcohol habits with skills that will help in life, our students have a better chance of success after recovery from addiction.

A Positive Outlet for Stress

Many people develop drug and alcohol addictions due to an inability to handle life’s struggles in a healthy manner. By learning healthy and constructive habits, our students create a positive outlet for life’s stresses and struggles. Instead of resorting to destructive addictions, they have the tools necessary to overcome the stress and continue a healthier path of life free from addiction.

Recovery Programs with Teen Challenge Wisconsin

At Teen Challenge Wisconsin, we understand that life comes with stresses and struggles and that it can be tempting to resort to old drug and alcohol addiction habits as a temporary solution. However, there is a better option! Teen Challenge Wisconsin offers a variety of residential and non-residential recovery programs to help our students break free from addiction and start on a path to a clean and sober life with an identity firmly found in Christ. For over 50 years, Teen Challenge Wisconsin has helped hundreds of people take control of their lives and replace their destructive addictions with skills and habits that actually benefit their lives.

If you or a loved one is struggling with Addiction and in need of Treatment Services, please contact Adult and Teen Challenge Wisconsin today at 414-748-HELP(4357) or email at

Teen Challenge Wisconsin Men’s Center:

Men’s Center of Hope accepts Men (18+), including those that are on parole, on probation.

P.O. Box 250771

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225

(414) 466-4415 office (414) 466-0793 fax

Teen Challenge Wisconsin Women’s Center:

The Robbie Dawson Home accepts Women (18+), including those that are on parole, on probation, on psychotropic meds.

Note: Program length is 12-16 months.

P.O Box 250771

Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53208

(414) 342-0909 office (414) 375-1875 fax