Inpatient or Outpatient Addiction Treatment 

When someone is struggling with substance abuse problems, it is very important to find a program that can help the individual overcome the problem and go on to live a life sober and substance free. There are many different methods of treatments available for drug addiction or alcoholism, which fall into two main categories: inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment.

Inpatient rehabilitation treatment programs involve a stay at a program that offers residential treatment services. Inpatient treatment can vary in length from 30 days all the way up to a year. There are many benefits of inpatient treatment, including: a structured schedule, removal from negative or triggering environments, and instruction in other areas of life, such as vocational training or religious programs.

Outpatient rehabilitation treatment programs offer many of the same services that inpatient treatment programs do, but they allow patient to live at home and receive services at the clinic. Outpatient treatment programs vary in schedule, but can be a few hours a day or once a week depending on the program. Outpatient treatment programs can work for some, but there are many downsides to these types of programs including: greater potential for relapse early in the program, easier access to substances, and having to be responsible for transportation to and from facility.

Adult & Teen Challenge of Wisconsin is designed as a residential inpatient treatment program. We find that people who are struggling with addiction or alcoholism do better in an inpatient residential setting and greatly benefit from long term care. Our Milwaukee drug rehab programs are set up to allow residents to have graduated access to the outside environment, allowing them to gain strength in their sobriety.

If you or someone you know is seeking alcohol treatment or drug rehab, we hope you consider our Milwaukee drug & alcohol rehab programs. For more information, contact our intake specialist at 414-748-HELP (4257) or fill out the form and someone will contact you. There is hope available to those who are struggling with addiction and need help with a substance abuse problem.