Read These Behavioral Signs

Everyone who falls into relapse after addiction recovery does so for different personal reasons, but they often engage in the same behavior patterns as they had before enrolling in a recovery program. If you know what to look for, then you can help catch yourself or someone else before things get out of control.


They Quit Participating in Structured Abstinence Strategies

Whether they were going to meetings or speaking with a counselor, pastor, or accountability partner on a regular basis, a recovering addict will show signs of distancing themselves from these structured activities before relapsing. They may think they are finished with the addiction recovery process, or they may just find life too crazy to go to such things. Either way, this is a first noticeable step toward relapse.


They Will Tell Stories of “Good Days” of Drug Use

When a recovering addict begins framing the stories of their drug use in a positive light, you should begin to worry. Every substance abuser had a time when their addiction appeared relatively harmless. When they romanticize this period, they are losing sight of the long-term effects the abuse had on them.


They Think They Can Dabble Without Getting Addicted

It’s important that people come out of alcohol and addiction recovery with confidence in themselves, but too much confidence can blind a person to risk. If a recovered friend or family member starts to think they can pick and choose when to abuse the substance from which they recovered, then they have lost sight of the need for caution, and relapse could be around the corner.