Increased Workload

The biggest source of stress for many college students is the increased amount of work compared to high school. Much of this stress comes from thinking that you can manage the same number of classes as you did in high school. Coursework in college is often extremely different from high school.


A smart step to take to reduce stress, especially in your first few semesters of college, is to not sign up for too many classes. 15 credit hours is a pretty good benchmark to shoot for if you are going to school full time. Remember, you’ll want to have time for activities on campus and to spend time with the new friends you make. Not overloading yourself and giving yourself time to have fun and not worry about classes means you won’t be as tempted to seek out drugs or alcohol as a way to cope.


Financial Stress

Another huge cause of stress for many college students is the balancing finances. Whether you are paying for school with student loans or you have scholarships and grants that cover your expenses, money can be very stressful. However tempting it may be to resort to old addictions as a way to manage that stress, drugs and alcohol will actually make that financial stress even worse. As a more constructive way to manage your financial stress, consider getting a part-time job or offer tutoring services to other students. Most universities have a number of jobs available exclusively for students, meaning you wouldn’t even have to drive off campus to have a job.


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