While in high school Mike experimented with drugs and alcohol. Soon alcohol controlled his life. After two DUI’s, a lost marriage, and other hardships Mike moved to Pensacola, Florida for a new start close to family. After more challenges Mike ended up living in his car, completely hopeless.

One morning he woke up and God was talking  to him, showing him a vision of hope. Packing up what he could late in the day he began to walk down Highway 98 in Pensacola. Within a mile he came to a sign that said Teen Challenge Pensacola Men’s Center. Mike knocked on the door and a staff member spoke with him for about an hour.

Because the center was closed for the day Mike found two plastic lawn chairs and sat in them until the next day. Mike walked through the doors and surrendered to the Lord and Teen Challenge in 2010.

After completing the program Mike became an intern and started a training opportunity called Emerging Leaders Program. His responsibilities were assisting the Manager of their first thrift store. Soon he worked his way up to Store Manager and helped open two more stores.

We would like to thank Mike Burkenpas and Assistant Merchandising Manager Mel Lietinger for their good work at our Super Thrift resale store in Milwaukee Wisconsin which is located at:          5333 N 91st St, Milwaukee, WI 53225 and is open Monday through Saturday 9am-7pm.  Please check us out on Facebook for exciting updates about the Thrift Store and any upcoming events at: https://b-m.facebook.com/superthriftwi/