Addiction Destroys More Than The Body

Addiction is more than just a physical ailment, and at Teen Challenge USA, we believe that to become fully complete we need to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Because addiction begins as a way to fill a void that only Christ can heal, we focus on building a strong, foundational relationship with the Lord. As such, our program is built on prayer and study of the word of God.

The Power of a Christian Community

By fostering a relationship with others that are going through the healing process, we create a community that is looking to work together to become a better version of themselves while attending Teen Challenge USA. This network of people support one another and, with the guidance of our mentors who have traveled a similar path, help to foster a feeling of health, well-being, and community faith. This community lasts long after the end of the program. By building a loving and supportive Christian community of addiction survivors, attendees have a network that they can turn to when difficult times arise.

Self-Growth and Sobriety

By participating in work programs designed to teach a positive work ethic, responsibility, and self-motivation our attendees learn ways to better themselves. By fostering self-growth, our students are given the opportunity to contribute to their own healing. At Teen Challenge USA, we believe that a sense of productivity and dignity help to rebuild the self-confidence of those who before turned to drugs, alcohol, and self-harm.

Contact Teen Challenge Wisconsin today

If you or a loved one are continuing to succumb to the addictions that are so prevalent in our society, Teen Challenge Wisconsin could be the answer to your trouble. With Christ as a guide, a community of Christian support, and a renewed sense of self-confidence you can finally get your life back on track. Our faith-based healing program has helped thousands of people in the same situation. Please contact us if you or a loved one need help. Our professional representatives are waiting for your call at 414-748-HELP(4357) or email at