Three Questions to Ask When Choosing An Addiction Treatment Program

When someone is ready to seek help for their substance abuse problems, they often ask the question “where can I get help for my addiction?” There are many substance abuse treatment programs available with a wide range of treatment options. Other people aren’t ready to search for treatment just yet, so their loved ones search how to get “help for drug addiction” or “how to help an alcoholic.” Choosing a treatment program can seem daunting, especially when you are dealing with health insurance and other details. Here are three questions to ask when choosing an addiction treatment program to help guide your search.

1.How long does the program last?

One of the first things you will want to find out is what is the duration of the program. Drug rehab centers vary in length. Some are as short as 14 days; others are as long as a year. Our Milwaukee addiction treatment centers are designed to be a year in length and have been noted for their long-term success in offering recovery services. Find our induction guidelines and information here.

2.What is the success rate for substance abuse treatment?

Finding out what the success rate is for a particular substance abuse treatment program gives a big picture look at the treatment program and it’s methods. Recovery is possible and there is hope, but not all treatment centers are created equal. Our Milwaukee drug rehab centers offer lasting addiction treatment that works. The Wisconsin Adult and Teen Challenge program has been extremely successful; with 87% of graduates living drug-free lives after graduation. Our recovery services have directly assisted over 1,000 adult men and women over the past 25 years.

3.What are some important components of the addiction treatment program?

After you find out the duration of the program and what the success rate is, it is a good idea to learn more about some of the important components of the program. There are a few key components that make our Wisconsin addiction recovery programs so successful. First and foremost, Adult & Teen Challenge is a faith-based program. Our recovery methods are born out of a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is through this relationship that lives are changed and freedom is found.

The second key component that makes our Wisconsin drug rehab programs so successful is that we offer a work therapy program. The program allows residents to put into practice the Biblical principles they study in the morning, while giving them an opportunity to learn consistent work habits while practicing job-training skills.

If you are looking for substance abuse help for yourself or a loved one and want more information on our Milwaukee drug and alcohol rehab programs, please contact our intake specialist at 414-748 – HELP (4357) today.