We tend to use the term “addiction” very loosely in society today. People claim that they are addicted to all sorts of things – cell phones, Netflix, chocolate, friends, relationships, pets, or tattoos to name a few. You name it – there is someone, somewhere who has claimed to be addicted! 

Because the term is used so frequently, we often think that we have a good understanding of what addiction is and what it entails. When it comes to drug addiction or alcoholism, however, it helps to have a specific understanding of what exactly addiction means.

Addiction happens when someone experiences a loss of control over a substance, such as alcohol or drugs, or a behavior, such as gambling or technology use. As the loss of control progresses, the user begins to experience a growing compulsion towards the substance or behavior, despite increasing negative consequences. The effects of substance abuse are far reaching – it affects individuals, families, and communities. Adult & Teen Challenge Wisconsin offers drug rehab programs that help those that are experiencing life problems, including alcohol and drug recovery.

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Adult & Teen Challenge is a faith based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that receives no government funding and operates solely through the support of donations. The cost to operate Teen Challenge for one person is approximately 1/4 the cost of a similar type government run program. Despite this, studies have shown our programs deliver success rates of 87% of graduates living drug free lives. 

Our drug rehab centers in Milwaukee, the Robby Dawson Home for Women and Men’s Center of Hope Campus, have been extremely successful, directly assisting over 1,000 men and women in the past 25 years conquer their addictions to drugs and alcohol.  

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