My name is Alex and I am from Milwaukee. When I was 14 years old, I became addicted to opiates. By the time I was 18 years old, I was addicted to heroin. By 21, I was addicted to heroin and cocaine. After overdosing and nearly losing everything, I sat in jail for two months. I decided I needed a change. I remember, clearly, the day that God spoke to me and said “you’ve tried everything on your own and here you are… sitting in jail with nothing and nobody. Try me!”.

I decided to let go and let God have his way with my life. I entered Adult and Teen Challenge in 2018 and since then my life has completely changed. He’s restored every relationship I thought could never be healed. The change that God made in me led to my girlfriend, who is now my wife, come to know Jesus. He completely restored our relationship and made it better than before. I no longer walk a “fine line” of just staying sober. Today I am free from the chains of addiction because Adult and Teen Challenge gave me time and an opportunity to rebuild the relationship with Christ that I desperately needed.

Now have a beautiful wife, a 6 week old son, and have a life that I use to consider just a long-lost dream.