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Christian Counselors Can Help Men and Women
With Their Addictions

Christian addiction counseling
Speaking with a Christian addiction counselor before things progress can make a huge difference for an individual. If you or a loved one is showing warning signs, do not hesitate to find help. People tend to lead busy lives full of distractions, so it can be hard to take time to read the Bible, pray, and reflect on life. Loved ones often feel uncomfortable sharing everything with relatives, and friends may not have the wisdom to counsel. Who will they go to for a listening ear when they feel hurt or anxious or need something? A Christian addiction counselor can offer a safe place to be heard.

What Can Counseling Do? 

Addiction counseling can mean many things, such as advising, setting goals, or identifying psychological problems. It usually means resolving conflict and restoring relationships with people. When you look for a counselor, find someone who integrates faith into the counseling process. Don’t assume all counselors claiming to be Christian are devoted to Christ-centered work.

How are Christian Addiction Counselors Different?

While Christian addiction counselors, sometimes called pastoral counselors, may use methods from psychology with their clients, they have access to an entirely different approach. A Christian addiction counselor will evaluate a believer’s thought patterns against the principles of scripture and carefully point out areas of disobedience. These counselors can help your loved one apply biblical truth to everyday life, providing specific verses and Biblical principles that speak directly to your loved one’s needs. A biblical approach also gives insight into the motives behind a loved one’s actions.

Secular counseling is frequently much less effective because its standards to identify difficulties shift constantly. Without a biblical basis, secular counseling lacks an absolute standard against which to compare people. Instead, it uses societal norms or psychological research, which change along with the culture.

Christian addiction counseling
What if Christian Addiction Counseling is Not Working? 

Sometimes, time spent with a Christian addiction counselor does not get through to a loved one. What then? A Christian rehabilitation center surrounds a loved one with a Christian addiction counseling environment for a long time, but it removes the distractions of the loved one’s everyday life. Loved ones can focus on the issues at hand. Christian rehab centers schedule the week to leave time for introspection and Bible study, so loved ones can think about what truly matters in life. Furthermore, loved ones are surrounded by peers making the same transformation.

Addiction Counseling Seamlessly Integrated with Life

While Christian addiction counseling is going on, a Christian therapeutic environment offers so much more. Our Christian addiction rehab centers create an environment where people can experience God. Recovery begins when an addict views life through God’s lens. Our participants learn to establish new boundaries, and enjoy the freedom that comes from living within them.  

Facing our fears, failures, and disappointments is painful, but it is necessary to open our hearts to clarity and order. Then we begin to assume responsibility for our thoughts, choices, who we call friends, where we go, how we treat others, and how we react to situations. 

At Great Lakes Adult & Teen Challenge, our Culture of Responsibility holds ourselves responsible to face our own actions. It is our Christian addiction rehab center belief that when there’s no place to put the blame but on ourselves, we see the need to ask God to challenge us to change.  

Freedom from addiction is possible.
Hope is here. It all starts with you. 

That being said, entering the Adult & Teen Challenge drug rehab recovery program can be difficult. When drugs and alcohol wear off, and you find yourself away from all that’s familiar, you may experience a variety of emotions. Feelings of anger, pain, guilt, homesickness, or a sense of being trapped can creep in on you.  

As badly as you know you need to begin this journey, your “internal war” can be your most difficult hurdle. Experience tells us that once you overcome this initial struggle, you will adjust to the program.  

Keep fighting. Don’t give up. Your negative experiences do not need to dictate your future.

Addiction Counseling
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Christian addiction counseling

Great Lakes Adult & Teen Challenge is a nonprofit, effective residential program and Christian addiction counseling for adult men and women who are struggling with addictions. We provide holistic addiction and alcoholism treatment through a long-term residential experience with daily education, addiction counseling, mentoring, and vocational training. 

In a safe, single-gender, and encouraging environment, our team works with each individual, showing them the way toward a more fulfilling life based on God’s forgiveness, love and purpose.

For 60 years, the Adult & Teen Challenge addiction treatment and recovery model has proven to be highly effective for all addictions, bringing about maturity, honesty, humility, care, and total life change that lasts.

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Great Lakes Adult & Teen Challenge is an effective rehab program and Christian addiction counseling service for men and women in Milwaukee.