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Why Donate to Adult & Teen Challenge? 

“We believe that all we have comes from God and we give it out of His hand.” – Chronicles 29:14b (Dutch paraphrase) 

A donation to Adult & Teen Challenge Christian drug rehabs directly supplies the tools and training those struggling with addictions need in order to overcome them. 

Our ultimate goal at Adult & Teen Challenge of Wisconsin is to help men, women, and their families struggling with life controlling addictions become established in society through faith-based mentoring, education, and job training. We provide these services through our addiction recovery programs, at no cost to our participating residents, and without a penny of government funding. 

Provide hope for the hopeless. Donate today. 

You can help provide the funds needed to change lives. 100% of all contributions go directly to funding our Wisconsin men’s and women’s recovery centers, located in Milwaukee. Please consider a charitable donation to Adult & Teen Challenge today! 

More Ways to Donate 

There are several additional ways you can donate. Adult & Teen Challenge of Wisconsin raises funds through the direct sale of books & crosses, as well as the operation of a car donation program and Super Thrift Store – both located in Milwaukee. 

Click on the links below to explore ways to give to Adult & Teen Challenge. 

Donate Your Car Super Thrift Store Books & Crosses

Help Give Someone a Second Chance in Life