I Am Struggling

You’re Not Alone, Help is Within Reach 

We’re so glad that you’re considering Adult & Teen Challenge of Wisconsin to begin your journey to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. 

We would like you to know that the low-cost drug rehab Teen Challenge offers is one of the most successful faith-based rehab support programs in the world. We are serious about Christ-based recovery because it has proven to be the most successful care available for overcoming addiction and beginning a new life. 

Stop Coping, Start Conquering 

We will be with you every step of the way at Adult & Teen Challenge drug rehab. We won’t waste time convincing you to quit – you already know you need to quit, or you wouldn’t be here. There have likely been times in your life when you wanted things to be different, but you were unable to break the cycles of addiction.  

We’re here to tell you change is possible, and we’re determined to help you get your life back. No one can lead your life but you. Our drug and alcohol recovery programs will help you become the responsible leader God intends you to be. 

Freedom is possible. Hope is here. It all starts with you. 

That being said, entering the Adult & Teen Challenge recovery program can be difficult. When drugs and alcohol wear off, and you find yourself away from all that’s familiar, you may experience a variety of emotions. Feelings of anger, pain, guilt, homesickness, or a sense of being trapped can creep in on you.  

As badly as you know you need to begin this journey, your “internal war” can be your most difficult hurdle. Experience tells us that once you overcome this initial struggle, you will adjust to the program.  

Keep fighting. Don’t give up. Your negative experiences do not need to dictate your future. 


Pasha, A Russian Redemption Story from PAOC Missions on Vimeo.

Get Help. Find Hope. Be Transformed.